Photos of Woman who had Alleged Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Weapon


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The lastest person to be linked to Aaron Hernandez and his multiple murder investigations is Jailene Diaz-Ramos. More details are surfacing about Diaz-Ramos’ connection to Hernandez, and according to this is what we do know.

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The gun the police have uncovered in connection to the 2012 double homicide was found in Diaz-Ramos’ car on June 21. Diaz-Ramos told police that the weapon belong to her friend that she calls Chicago. Ballistics testing proved that the gun is definitely the murder weapon. However, Jailene posted $1,000 bail and has recovered her vehicle.


Although Jailene claims she lived in New Britain, CT, a 2012 arrest report shows that her address is in Bristol.


Diaz-Ramos is also Facebook friends with Hernandez’s older brother DJ. DJ has received a Master’s degree and is currently coaching football at the University of Iowa. He hasn’t been linked to any of the crimes.


As previously mentioned, Jailene has a criminal history. She was arrested last November and charged with first degree forgery, criminal impersonation and sixth degree larceny. In February she was also arrested for a failure to appear in court.


Finally, this may mean nothing, but it seems that Diaz-Ramos recently has some heartbreak in her life. Several Facebook posts suggest that she is currently recovering from being scorned by her lover.



It may just be coincidence that Hernandez and Jailene Diaz-Ramos know each other. She clearly doesn’t have the best character, and this isn’t the best time for any more evidence, even circumstantial, to be pinned to him.



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