Pistons Unlikely to Sign Jason Collins

Detroit Pistons aren't that interested in Jason Collins.

It was reported yesterday Detroit may be interested in Jason Collins. The script has dramatically changed in 24 hours.

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News reports the Pistons aren’t seriously considering the gay athlete.

But two sources with knowledge of the Pistons’ plans told The News that Collins is not being seriously considered.

The Pistons are looking at several potential bigs to back up Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, and they prefer one younger than Collins, 34, who is near the end of his career.

People will see this as a bias against Collins because he’s gay, but in reality Collins is a 34-year old big man who only averages 3.6 points a game for his career.

Can we just be honest and admit that Jason Collins isn’t very good?

One thought on “Pistons Unlikely to Sign Jason Collins

  • I believe that Jason Collins is not being left out of the NBA due to some sort of collusion among owners or GMs. I happen to believe that he will be exploited by any team who signs him, strictly to appeal to the gay community. It might sound like I’m being cynical, but think about it. He can sign to the Bobcats and make them instantaneously relevant by making national headlines. ESPN, Fox News 1 once it airs, and local news stations across the country will say “First active gay athlete signs with ___.”

    1. He will get a lot of support from that community.

    2. Inclusion is the new trend

    3. Yes he is not very good, a journeyman, but trust me when I tell you that when he subs in the game he will get a standing ovation from whatever home team he plays for that 1st game.

    It’s just a matter of what owner wants to appeal to a different community and create a new fan base. It will more than likely be a young owner with a team whose locker room is cohesive. Warriors? I also wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Cuban takes a chance being that he has already publicly said he would invite Britney Griner to training camp.

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