Pole Dancing Could Become an Olympic Event


If this becomes a reality, I think we can safely say that James Harden will attend?

The question begs what would be the requirements to become an Olympic pole dancer? Would six months at KOD be considered enough experience?

The Big Lead has more details on how Pocahontas might win a gold medal in the near future.

“We’re trying to be stricter here and become respected as a sport,” said Florenza Pizanis, 43, a pole-dancing coach in Dortmund, Germany, and head of the International Pole Sports Federation’s technical committee, which wrote the rules and applied them for the first time at the London championships.

Hope they get approved.

2 thoughts on “Pole Dancing Could Become an Olympic Event

  • C’mon man…….you know it’s not the kind of pole dancing we see at the strip clubs….it’s artistic not sleazy or sexy

  • I agree with LB, there is a BIG difference between the stripping you see in dancing clubs and pole fitness dancing.

    There are woman all over the world learning how to pole dance from home that are not only great candidates for Olympic sports, but enjoying it for the fitness benefits ONLY.

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