Reggie Wayne Sees Some Peyton Manning In Andrew Luck


You knew at some point the comparison was going to come, fair or unfair.

Andrew Luck was the successor to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever throw a spiral in Peyton Manning, so it was only right that Luck and Manning get mentioned in comparisons.

Who better to make that comparison than the man who’s caught touchdown passes from both players.

Reggie Wayne is the luckiest receiver in NFL history, having spent his whole career playing with a top-notch quarterback. Wayne who spent 11 seasons with Manning, and is entering his second with Luck, sees some of Manning in Luck.

“The way [Luck] approaches practice, I hate to do this, but it’s somewhat like a Peyton Manning,” Wayne said Tuesday in an interview with NBC Sports Network’s “Pro Football Talk.” “Even though I hate to compare the two, he takes practice just like it’s a game. He knows as well as I do that practice is probably going to be harder than the games because you’re going to see it so many different ways. In game time, you may only see it once or twice.

“He gets us in and out of the huddle, he tells us to pick it up, he tells the offensive line, ‘Hey, we need to do better here.’ He tells the receivers, ‘I need you to come out a little higher’ or whatever the case may be. So he’s on it. Whenever your quarterback is doing that, you know you’re in the right direction. So I’m glad to see him doing that.”

Regardless of the comparison, Wayne wants Luck to be his own man, not Peyton Manning.

“What I would much rather Andrew do is build his own legacy, whatever that is,” Wayne said in the interview. “Andrew, he can’t be a Peyton Manning. He can’t be a Tom Brady. He can’t be an Aaron Rodgers. Only thing Andrew can do is be Andrew, so whatever your motto is, that’s what you need to work on. … I like what I see.

“Well, actually, I love what I see in him. He’s going to be very good. He really is, and as long as we can keep him clean up front and the skill guys continue to make plays for him, he is going to be the face of the NFL soon.”