Report: A-Rod Paid For Tony Bosch’s Lawyer

alex rodriguez people out to get him


For all the on-the-field ‘heroics’ with A-Rod, the off-the-field antics keep threatening to overshadow everything.

According to Outside the Lines a spokesperson for Tony Bosch’s attorney, Susy Ribero-Ayala, said on Sunday that Alex Rodriguez paid her a $25,000 retainer  in February and then later transferred an additional $50,000–which was later returned.

According to documents seen by “Outside the Lines,” the amount of the second transfer was for nearly $50,000, minus transfer fees.

MLB officials declined comment Sunday night. Representatives for Rodriguez did not return calls seeking comment.

The documents also show that Ribero-Ayala and Jared Lopez, a partner with Roy Black’s law firm in Miami, exchanged emails discussing the wire transfer. Black’s firm was representing Rodriguez at the time.

According to the document, Ribero-Ayala said she had received the money and was unaware of any reason for it. Lopez responded that the money had been sent in error, and he asked that it be returned. It was.

Now with this evidence, the assumption to be made is that A-rod made an attempt to enlist Bosch’s help before he agreed to cooperate fully with MLB. That then further strengthen’s MLB’s argument that A-rod attempted to interfer with their investigation.

Each day there seems to be more and more evidence from both sides of the spectrum, hard to decide who’s telling the truth. Certainly though this is another black eye for Rodriguez.