Report: Bill Belichick Advised Aaron Hernandez to Rent a Safe House

Bill Belichick

In this amazing piece written by Rolling Stone, that makes you wonder how much athletes are getting away with that we don’t know about, paints a picture of Aaron Hernandez as a straight up thug and Stone Cold Killer.

I urge you to read the piece, but the one thing that stood out to me was that Bill Belichick knew some of the things that were going on and here is how he allegedly handled it.

In his first remarks after Odin Lloyd’s murder, Robert Kraft described himself as “duped” by Hernandez, saying he’d had no knowledge of his troubles. That is arrant nonsense: Every team knew him as a badly damaged kid with a circle of dangerous friends and a substance problem.He’d get high all the time driving away from games, say friends of the family, “smoking three or four blunts” in the ride back to his place.

Instead of teammates, Hernandez built a cohort of thugs, bringing stone-cold gangsters over to the house to play pool, smoke chronic and carouse.

According to a source close to Hernandez, he flew to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this past February and confided to Belichick that his life was in danger. Hernandez was trying to break away from the gangsters he’d befriended. He worried “they were actually trying to kill him,” says the source. Hernandez began arming himself, stashing a rifle in his gym bag and installing a 14-camera security system at his mansion. “He was very paranoid, but was that because of his addictions or because he was trying to leave the gang?”

This past spring he skipped out on team training drills, going to California to rehab an aching shoulder and take a much-needed break from New England. But while out there, according to the source, he blew off sessions with his therapist, Alex Guerrero, and stood up Tom Brady, who was running a camp for Pats receivers. Worse, the police were called out to his Hermosa Beach rental on March 25th, summoned by his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, after a loud dispute during which Hernandez put his fist through a window. No arrest was made, but word got back to Belichick, who exploded and tendered notice: Any more disruptions and he’d be traded or cut at the end of the 2013 season.

Mortified, Hernandez returned to Boston; Belichick, per a close Hernandez associate, had told him to lay low, rent a safe house for a while.

If even 75% of this true, it doesn’t seem the Patriots were duped at all. In fact, it appears they were enabling Hernandez to a certain extent.

Just a very troubling story and strengthens the point I have made many times, that you don’t know anything about these athletes when the lights go off, so stop putting them on a pedestal.

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  • Only 5% of this story could be true and the Patriots claiming duped would be BS, nobody bought that Robert Kraft statement. This team wants it both ways they want to say we knew nothing but, turn around and go oh he was a headache were not paying him the money we do owe him. Just like the Yankees giving A-Rod the contract they did knowing what he was involved in, don’t play shocked now.

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