Report: Clippers Tell Antawn Jamison They’re Waiting On Lamar Odom


Lamar Odom has a few things going on in his personal life, so it’s no surprise that he has no clue where he might want to play basketball in 2013.

The Clippers have had meeting with Antawn Jamison, but according to The L.A. Times, are waiting on an answer from Lamar Odom, before they decide to make an offer to Jamison.

Clippers willing to offer Lamar Odom vet. mim. of $1.4 million. Odom would like more, but no team has offered LO anything more.

Odom of course would prefer to remain in L.A., with him being a Kardashian an all.

Marc Spears is reporting that Jamison’s representative feel duped by the Clippers.