Report: Riley Cooper Probably Didn’t Attend Counseling, Had Paid Vacation

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Press Conference

There are reports out of Philly that Riley Cooper was not magically healed from racism in four days because he never went to counseling.

“I went out and seeked help,” Cooper said. “I talked to my family and seeked some help. But I’m going to keep that between me and the others that are helping me out. It went well.”

What we know is that Riley went home to Florida and spent time with his parents. So was this all just an a long paid vacation where the Eagles were hoping things would blow over?

Cooper says he spoke with each and every one of his teammates individually and said:

“I told them, ‘I don’t want you to forgive me, because that puts the burden on you. I want it all on me.’ I told them that, and I told ’em I apologize.”

Only time will tell if this will all go away for the Eagles and Cooper. I would bet it won’t though.

3 thoughts on “Report: Riley Cooper Probably Didn’t Attend Counseling, Had Paid Vacation

  • This is all PC BS. The word is used over and over in the locker room by both black and white alike. Everyone knows it. That is not racist. Racism is and always has been very simple. It is the belief that someone is inferior based solely on their race – that is the very definition. Someone that uses offensive language, tells off-color jokes etc. is not necessarily a racist. I’m sure Cooper holds many non-whites in high esteem, looks up to them and considers them superior. Did he say something stupid on camera? Yes. Is he truly a racist? I doubt it very much considering the profession he is in and his peers.

  • Way to stoke the fires guys……if the media is saying that the team has put this behind them… guys are lousy “reporters” for trying to create more issues in the way that you are “writing” this……you guys DID NOT WRITE A REPORT HERE…..YOU SPECULATED ABOUT A VERY TOUGH ISSUE JUST TO GET ATTENTION FOR YOURSELVES…..please…just go away until YOU GUYS learn how to write responsibly.

  • Stop being a bunch of lazy niggers. So he “probably” did not get help is not journalism. It’s a few retards in a basement guessing, writing their opinion in bright crayons hoping someone reads their shit so they can pat themselves on the back and feel relevant. Piss off.

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