RG3 Says Donovan McNabb Isn’t an Idiot, But He Doesn’t Want to Speak to Him


Donovan McNabb has tried to interject himself into RG3’s inner circle. McNabb says he is just looking out for RG3’s best interests, while others feel there is some jealousy and bitterness in McNabb’s comments.

Whatever the case when the subject was brought up in a GQ interview with RG3 (RG3 talks a lot), here is what Griffin had to say courtesy of No Guts, No Glory.

“I don’t think Donovan is an idiot by any means,” he told me. “But right now, it’s probably best we don’t talk.”

Maybe, RG3 should have went with something more politically correct, but can’t knock him for honesty.  Right now, RG3 should just focus on getting healthy and ready for Week 1.  All these little side mini controversies are not good for him or the Redskins.