“RGIII: The Will to Win” Movie Trailer (Video)


No one can get enough of RGIII these days so it’s not really a big surprise that ESPN is doing an hour long special movie on him.

“RGII: The Will to Win” will debut on ESPN on Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 7. There will also be encore presentations on ESPN2 and on ABC’s “ESPN Sports Saturday” block. The documentary — presented by Gatorade Productions, in partnership with NFL Films and ESPN — chronicles Griffin’s rookie season in Washington, the playoff loss to Seattle, his rehab from knee surgery and “more personal off-the-field moments.”


As long as he keeps winning, RGIII will keep getting lots of shine. I just hope he doesn’t get McNabbed at the first sign of slowing down. The movie should be pretty interesting though since he did go through some stuff last year on the field with the injuries and got married in the off-season. I’ll be watching this special.