Robert Kraft Explains Why He’s Not Paying Aaron Hernandez’s Bonus Money


I understand that Aaron Hernandez might be John Gotti, but a contract is a contract and Hernandez fulfilled the part of his contract that said he should be paid his money.

Robert Kraft feels differently.

The Patriots cut Hernandez after he was arrested on June 26 and before he was charged with murder later that day. He pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, a friend whose body was found June 17 near Hernandez’ house. The union believes Hernandez earned the bonus before his arrest.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft indicated he disagreed.

“It’s simple,” he said Tuesday. “You can look at our history. We honor all our contracts, and we expect the people who sign them to honor their part of the contract.”

Asked if he felt Hernandez didn’t do that, Kraft said, “We honor our contracts, and we expect the people on the other side to do the same.”

Using Kraft’s own words, he should pay Hernandez since he honored the contract.  We will see who wins the case.