Royce Reed Accuses Dwight Howard of Putting Son’s Health in Danger


Reality TV star, Royce Reed, is claiming that NBA star Dwight Howard picked up their son, Braylon, for a visit and is now refusing to tell her where he is or allow her to even speak to her son. Reed also explains that Howard doesn’t have Braylon’s proper medication nor has he filled the prescription, and that their son’s life is in danger with the medicine.

TMZ is reporting that Royce has filed for an emergency hearing with the court in which she states that Howard picked up their son for a trip to California and has not contacted her since. She did, however, speak to Howard’s parents, who said that her son was currently in Colorado.

Royce says she has no issues with Dwight spending time with their son, but her main concern is Braylon’s safety. She just wants Howard to get him the medicine he needs immediately, and she wants to speak to her son. No hearing has been set yet. However, the Royce and Dwight saga continues.