Ryan Braun Is Ready To Admit He Used PED’s

Ryan-Braun come clean


Great timing…

Friends of the disgraced former MVP have come forth to USA Today to say that Ryan Braun is now ready to come clean about his use of performance enhancement drugs in the 2o11 season.

They spoke on the condition of anonymity and revealed that Braun is ready to not only come clean about his transgressions, but apologize to all he’s hurt in the process.

Braun has yet to make the announcement, said he plans to apologize to everyone from Commissioner Bud Selig to urine collector Dino Laurenzi Jr. to his teammates and peers.

And for the first time, he will admit guilt.

The people close to Braun said he is eager to be the anti-Alex Rodriguez and is desperately trying to distance himself from the New York Yankees third baseman.

It was reported earlier today that a former friend of Braun, Ralph Sasson, was suing him for defamation, claiming Braun doped while at the University of Miami and committed academic fraud. The lawsuit by Sasson is being brought on the claims that Braun violated a non-disclosure agreement by making ‘defamatory statements’  to undisclosed parties.

Also haunting Braun is the bombshell revelation that A-rod’s team allegedly leaked documentation which pinned Braun and A-rod’s teammate Francisco Cervelli. Now seems as good as a time as any to admit one’s guilt.

Will he be forgiven?