Ryan Braun’s Friend Claims He Cheated on Fiancee (Photo)

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Just think, all of this started over $5,000. We learned Saturday that Ralph Sasson was suing Ryan Braun for defamation but now things are heating up for Braun. In an explosive request for admissions(you can read the full document here) the sordid details are coming out.

Among the thing Sasson would like Braun to answer for under oath include:

     -Clung to Sasson’s broken chain of custody argument for the arbitration case
    – “Repeatedly engaged in academic misconduct throughout high school and college”
    – Has used steroids since college
    – “Engaged in infidelities in every amorous relationship” he’s been in, including his current one with fiancee Larisa Fraser
    – Violated NCAA rules by accepting “substantial” cash and check payments
    – Lied under oath
    – Committed perjury during his arbitration hearing with MLB
    – Lied to the co-owner of his restaurants, Omar Shaikh
    – Lied to Aaron Rodgers to preserve their business/restaurant partnership- Lied to Brewers owner Mark Attanassio and was signed to a $105 million deal under false pretenses

This Ryan Braun drama is really trying to give the Johnny Manziel and A-Rod shows a run for its money. In case you were wondering, that picture below is Ryan Braun’s fiancee that he is “allegedly” cheating on. My feeling is that Sasson really just wants Braun to settle, but for a whole lot more than the original $5,000.


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  • An athlete cheating on his girlfriend? What’s this world coming to?

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