Ryan Clark: We’re Trying To Implement The Old Steeler Way,”


The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a fractured bunch over the past couple of seasons, and that was no more evident than this off-season when an anonymous Steelers player ripped LaMarr Woodley in the media.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark sounded off about the slam, and pointed to that as proof of a fracture in the locker room.

Clark told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the Steelers tried to fix the issue from within, and are “trying to implement the old Steeler way.”

“But also, we hate it. We hate being attached to 8-8. So we’re trying to fix that ourselves, through the leaders, through the guys who have been here, we’re trying to implement the old Steeler Way. You know, getting along, chemistry, hanging out, working hard on the field but having a good time doing it.”

“I believe the strength of this organization is in its camaraderie and its family atmosphere. We didn’t have those last year,” Polamalu said. “To me, that’s kind of what separates us from most teams, that we’ve had that foundation here. When talent is pretty equal across the board — and it is in the NFL — you’re looking in areas other than schematics to gain an edge. And that was an edge we didn’t have.”

More important than the perceived fractures on defense, is the simple fact that they are an old defense, with two safeties that are shells of themselves.

They need to fix Polamalu first.