Ryan Dempster Had Multiple Reasons For Hitting A-Rod

dempster had reasons for hitting arod


So much for the Dempster plunking A-rod to stand up against the cheats in the sports excuse…

Dempster’s possible motive for taking aim at A-rod in the 3-0 pitch seen around the world is starting to be revealed.

Canadian journalist Wayne Scanlan, recently interviewed his fellow countryman prior to Sunday night’s game and in the interview he alluded to the events which came to pass during that fateful inning:

dempster tweet


So from what we can gather it seems like Dempster acted the way he did out of personal spite more than anything. If this is the real reason then what a totally selfish move on Demster’s part for putting a personal vendetta ahead of the team’s best interests.

Immature antics all around, as the dust settles on the memorable night in Boston we can start to put speculation to rest. For surely it’s safe to say this won’t be the last time some one throws in A-rod’s direction.