Scam Artist Swindles Miami Heat Players Out of Millions


You have to be careful who you give your money to. Do some background checks on people before you actually hand over any checks.

Haider Zafar pulled a real estate scam that involved some Miami Heat players.

SB Nation has the details via The Columbus Dispatch.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dale Williams put international-investment attorney Andrew Fine on the stand during the detention hearing to detail an investment scheme Zafar operated in Florida.

Fine said some Miami Heat players, including former forward Mike Miller, and other Florida residents had invested $8 million with Zafar. When Fine, on behalf of some of those investors, questioned Zafar about where the money was, Zafar told him, “They can’t touch me in Pakistan.”

The old you can’t touch me I am Pakistan defense makes another appearance.  Be careful out there.

One thought on “Scam Artist Swindles Miami Heat Players Out of Millions

  • If you read the original Columbus Dispatch article, the heat players issue with Haider Zafar had nothing to do with real estate. I love how the media , as each article gets out which looks to be by the minute, they add more and more of their own stuff to it. I feel for the players and their families, they have such a lack of privacy already, but now their names and problems are all over the country. As someone who is close to this case, it’s so sad to see how the amounts grow as the news gets out and it comes down basically to reading “Star” magazine! The numbers are wrong-it’s less than what they say and it has NOTHING to do with real estate. And this Andrew fine met Haider Zafar only 4 times, he ended up admitting in the end. The majority of his testimony was all stuff that he “assumed” or was “in his opinion”, not factual information that he was there to witness. Your “opinion” (on both sides) doesn’t mean squat in a courtroom! It’s the facts that count which there was so little of in the courtroom. Again, I just really feel for these players and their families as they have to go through this. Again, I have to add that it was a lesser amount than is being printed and the players got back a few million. Mr Zafar signed a contract with a future date on it to repay the rest. I just hope that people don’t just “believe what they read or hear just because sits in an article or on the news. It’s the media’s job to come up with “juicy” stories. I recommend not putting any judgement out there on either side until its been proven in court with actual evidence. I realize there are no comments on this site but I have seen several on others saying horrible things about the players and also Haider Zafar and in this article I just felt compelled to at least squash the incorrect facts.

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