Scott Boras Looking To Get Bryce Harper A 12-Year Deal?

bryce harper 12 year deal


Is baseball on the brink of seeing yet another massive mega deal transpire? Blame A-rod.

Scott Boras is reportedly making a case for Bryce Harper to sign a 12-year deal. Harper, who is 20, would be locked with the team until his early 30’s.

Washington Post reporter Adam Kilgore tweeted:

One could make the argument that Bryce Harper would be a perfect candidate for a 12-year deal. He’s very young, already explosive and unless a freak injury he’ll be coming into his prime about 5 years into the deal with with 7 years left.

Also the Nationals would probably save money by avoiding arbitration. Still a 12-year deal in 2013 with A-rod, Pujols and Braun’s contract a constant reminder of why you don’t jump the gun it’s safe to assume the Nationals won’t rush to give Harper a set long term deal.


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