Scottie Pippen Won’t Be Charged For Restaurant Beat Down

Scottie Pippen Won't Be Charged

We reported in June that Scottie Pippen beat up an autograph seeker outside of a LA restaurant after he spit on him and called him a n*gger.

Now TMZ reports that the Los Angeles district attorney has decided not to bring charges against Pippen due to lack of evidence.

The L.A. County D.A. determined there was simply not enough evidence to prove Scottie did anything wrong during a confrontation with 49-year-old Camran Shafighi outside of Nobu on June 23.

According to official documents, obtained by TMZ, Pippen — who’s now represented by mega-attorney Mark Geragos — admitted pushing and spitting at Shafighi but officials determined it was impossible to tell if Pippen was the aggressor or if he was acting in self-defense.

Plus, officials concluded the victim was FAKING multiple injuries — and even faked seizures — in an effort to make Pippen look like the bad guy.

After spitting on someone and calling them a racial slur what did Shafighi expect Pippen to do, shake his hand? He was asking for that beat down.

Shafighi has filed a civil lawsuit against the former Bulls star, but with the questions about who the aggressor was, as well as evidence that he was faking injuries his chances of winning his case just got much harder. Maybe the DA should explore bringing charges against him. That should teach him a lesson.