Seneca Wallace: 49ers Used Me To Get Colt McCoy To Take Pay Cut


Friday we reported on the back and forth between Seneca Wallace and the San Francisco 49ers.

Wallace reportedly retired Thursday right before the 49ers final preseason game.  Then Friday morning, his agent refuted that story, and stated that by his account, Wallace would be looking to land on another roster.

Now Wallace is coming to his own defense, and according to The Des Moines Register, Wallace says the 49ers “used him to get Colt McCoy to take a pay cut.”

“I’ve been around this game long enough where I can see what’s going on,” Wallace told the Des Moines Register, “and I realized right away the reason they brought me here was to get Colt to take a pay cut.”

“I have not retired,” Wallace said. “I have just removed myself from the San Francisco situation because it wasn’t a perfect fit for me.”

If no one calls, Wallace said he’ll then be ready to move on. But not yet.