Sixers Ownership Attempting to Buy NHL’s Devils

Sixers ownership looking to buy NHL's Devils.

NBA owners wanting to own NHL teams is becoming a trend. Ted Leonsis owns both the Washington Wizards and Capitals; the Kronke family owns both the Nuggets and Avalanche in Denver, for example.

Sixers ownership led by Joshua Harris plan on becoming the latest group to own two franchises, reports’s John Gonzalez.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed (Fox 29 Howard Eskin’s) report, but they also indicated that Harris’s group has considered purchasing one of at least three different sports-related entities. The Devils are among those potential investments. Harris’s group, which includes former Sixers CEO Adam Aaron, is believed to be relatively small, but the acquisition team working on its behalf is at least 12 people deep.

The New Jersey Devils are worth $205 million according to Forbes Magazine, while Joshua Harris estimated value is $2.1 billion.

The numbers clearly show Harris can afford the Devils.