Skip Bayless Thinks The Seahawks are in AFC (Photo)

Skip Bayless Struggle Face

Skip is getting up there in years and maybe he was thinking of when Steve Largent and David Krieg played for the Seahawks. Back in those days the Seahawks were in the AFC, but they haven’t been in the AFC for a while.

Someone send Skip the memo.

Skip Bayless Tweet

Because Skip can never admit he is wrong, he and Stephen A. will debate how the Seahawks should be in the AFC.

One thought on “Skip Bayless Thinks The Seahawks are in AFC (Photo)

  • Really, man? Skip is making a joke! He is saying that the Seahawks (a team NOT in the AFC) are more of a threat to New England than the Broncos (a team IN the AFC). He is saying the Broncos look terrible.

    Did you really not understand that?

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