SMU Looking Into Deion Sanders Jr.’s Backstage Visit With Lil Wayne


SMU, not wanting to go through the whole Johnny Manziel saga, is looking into a visit that Deion Sanders Jr. had with Lil Wayne.

Last week, photos appeared on the web that showed SMU wide receiver Deion Sanders Jr. and some of his teammates hanging out backstage with rapper Lil’ Wayne.


Deion Sanders told Adam Lawson of the Valley Morning Star that “his son was being investigated because ‘they’re trying to say (he) got into the concert because (he’s) an SMU player.’”

The elder Sanders went on to explain that Lil’ Wayne is one of his best friends.

Even though Sanders is claiming the NCAA is investigating, SMU claims they are doing their own formal investigation.

“It’s not the NCAA. It’s our compliance office. Just doing their due diligence,” SMU official Brad Suttonsaid via text message when asked about who was probing what. “We don’t expect to find anything amiss, but it’s our responsibility to check stuff like this out.”

SMU can relax some. Deion Sanders Jr. got backstage because of who his dad is, not because of his football skills.

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