Soccer Player Penalized for Flashing Referee


Louis Blake made his debut for Croydon Athletic in a preliminary match over the weekend, and it will be a day he soon won’t forget. After being on field for approximately 20 minutes, CBS Sports is reporting that one of the game’s referees noticed that Blake was wearing black thermal underwear and was in violation of league rules.

The referee then told Blake he needed to change the underwear. The problem was that Blake didn’t have another pair, so he did the next best thing. He took his underwear off entirely. The overzealous ref insisted that Blake prove he was no longer wearing the black thermal underwear, so Louis decided to pull his shorts from under him to prove to the referee that the illegal undergarment was gone.

According to the referee, it was a little too much exposure, so he immediately issued Blake a red card. Blake, on the other hand, is indignant toward the referee’s response and had this to say:

“I was gobsmacked, I was shocked and I was angry. I just pulled my shorts forward a bit to show him there was nothing there and he gave me a red. How else am I meant to prove I’ve got nothing on down there?”

Unfortunately for Blake, the incident may cause him to miss 3 games.