Steve Smith Says GMs Wish Guys They Draft Can Do What He Does At 34


Steve Smith

Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith turned 34 in May. To many people (myself included) that’s still young, but in football years he’s damn near ancient – just don’t tell the Panthers leading receiver that.

H/T: The Charlotte Observer

“What I’m doing at 34, there are GM’s hoping and praying they can draft a guy that can do what I’m doing.”

Smith credits his youthful step to a change in eating habits seven years ago and good genes.

The Panthers organization and fans hope Smith can continue to be the offensive weapon they’ve been accustomed to, especially with ongoing questions at the receiver position and the need for offensive weapons for Cam Newton. Only time will tell if Smith will be able to equal or better the 73 passes for 1,114 yards he put up last year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Smith has always used whatever he could to motivate him on the field, now it seems like that motivation will be defying father time.


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