Steve Spurrier Tired Of All The “Jadeveon Clowney” Talk


The old ball coach wants his team back, and he’s tired of hearing all the talk about his one singular star.

Spurrier reportedly is already closing practice in response to the attention his team has been getting. Go Gamecocks is reporting that Spurrier had to get on Clowney because he was slow getting to practice because of all the autograph seekers.

Spurrier simply is tired of hearing about Clowney, and “wants the focus put back on the team.”

“You know, we have talked about Jadeveon for seven months after that hit,” Spurrier said on Sunday. “He and Johnny Football (Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel), they are the only two guys in America anybody has talked about it seems like — Jadeveon’s hit and Johnny’s adventures all over the country. I think Jadeveon is tired of everybody talking about him. He’s ready for team, and hopefully what our team can achieve this year. We all know he’s a super player, but it’s a team sport.”

“He’s tired of [the questions], and I think I am tired of it. We are just trying to get more into team stuff.”

Clowney of course says the attention doesn’t bother him.