TCU Unveils Blood-Streaked Uniforms for Season Opener Against LSU (Photos)


TCU decided to make a bold statement to LSU today by revealing their new blood-streaked uniforms that they will be wearing for their season opener against the Tigers reports Yahoo Sports. The Horned-Frogs wanted the Tigers to know that they weren’t leaving anything on the field, and the blood is a representation of what an actual horned frog shoots from it eyes in self-defense.


This is all good for the dramatic effect, but the strangest part of the story is that the school chose to use Devonte Fields as the model for the uniforms. Fields won’t even be participating in the game because of some offseason issues that caused him a two-game suspension. The new uniforms are a nice gimmick, but it will be more interesting to see if TCU’s squad can man up at the August 31st primetime matchup against the Tigers.

2 thoughts on “TCU Unveils Blood-Streaked Uniforms for Season Opener Against LSU (Photos)

  • It kills me that so many teams are copying off Oregon. Don’t be like another team, be yourself!

  • TCU + Texas Christian University.

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