Teenagers Blame Boredom for Murder of College Baseball Player


This is one of those stories that make you really question the direction our society is headed in. Three high school boys, ages 15, 16 and 17, have admitted to murdering East Central University baseball player, Christopher Lane. According to CBS Sports, the three boys said they did it for “the fun of it.”

Police chief Danny Ford released this statement:

“They saw Christopher go by, and one of them said: There’s our target. The boy who has talked to us said: ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody. They followed him in the car to that area, shot him in the back and drove off.”

Christopher Lane was just 22 years old and had returned to Oklahoma last week from his native country, Australia, in order to begin the new school year. First-degree murder charges are expected, but  prosecutors are now trying to decide whether to try the boys as juveniles or adults.

2 thoughts on “Teenagers Blame Boredom for Murder of College Baseball Player

  • Try their asses as adults. Very sickening. Innocent man had to die because of boredom. GTFOH

  • So where are all the loud voices of racism now? where is the race debate? or does the murder of an innocent white young man by ‘bored’ black men not something to get excited about…?

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