They Are Calling it the Greatest Wiffle Ball Catch of All Time (Video)

Konnor Fleming Wiffle Ball Catch

Some many things to talk about.

First, who knew they even had Wiffle Ball tournaments (this one is the 12th annual Travis Roy Wiffle Ball Tournament), but more on that in a second.

Secondly, the game was played at Little Fenway, which just sounds adorable (they have a Little Wrigley as well).

Lastly though, the announcer’s call of the catch is better than anything Joe Buck has done in his entire career.

I asked the same question that many of you are asking.  Grown men Wiffle Ball?  But it is all for a good cause, the tournament has raised over $500k for spinal cord research just this year.

The guy who made the catch Konnor Fleming will forever be a YouTube internet legend.

Rumble!! Young Konnor!! Rumble!!