Tiger Woods Shoots 66 in Round 1 of Bridgestone Invitational


Tiger Woods began play at the Bridgestone Invitational today, and as expected, he has a great showing in the first round by shooting a 66 for the day. This isn’t much of a surprise, since Woods has finished in the top 10 11 of the 13 times that he’s played in the tournament reports CBS Sports. The proof lies in the scorecard.


The golfing world has been very critical of Woods’ inability to win a major, but Tiger is still proving himself in other ways. If Woods follows his trend at Bridgestone, he should carry the win, as he has done in the past. Woods commented on the course by saying:

“I feel comfortable on this golf course, and I think that’s the key. I’ve played it when it’s been baked out and fast and is hard and other times when it’s soft and slow. And the guys are saying it’s a little bit softer right now, but the greens are up to speed.”

Call it what you want, but this would be Woods’ 5th win for the year. Even though Tiger has fell short thus far in the majors, he is still carrying his own in the golf world, and a win at Bridgestone would confirm that.