Tiger Woods’ South Florida Home is Sinking (Photo)


Tiger Woods has long enjoyed a sprawling mansion in an exclusive part of South Florida called Jupiter Island, but unfortunately for Tiger, he is once again facing trouble in paradise. Gossip Extra is reporting that Woods’ mansion is in danger of sinking!


Reports are coming that Tiger’s blonde bombshell girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, noticed cracks in the walls, and when it was further investigated by local contractors, the conclusion was that the 10,000 square foot abode is in danger of going down under. According to Skip Barrett, who is an expert contractor:

“This sort of thing occurs quite a bit in Florida. In Florida, the soil has layers of organic matter that eventually decomposes. Once that happens, many homes start sinking.”

This sort of thing is good to know for any other high profile athletes or celebrities that are considering purchasing lavish property to enjoy sunny South Florida. Fortunately for Tiger there is hope in possibly fixing the situation. Contractors will try to insert giant screws called helical piles into the home going down as far as 24 ft in hopes that it will stabilize the property. Tiger may be a lot of things, but he at least deserves his home to stay above ground.

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  • Sinking houses, unbearable humidity, giant mosquitos, sharks in the ocean, occasional hurricanes, I’m glad I live in California.

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