Tigers’ Prince Fielder Getting Divorced From Wife Chanel


On Tuesday, Detroit Tigers’ outfielder Torii Hunter appeared on the “Ryan and Rico” show on Detroit Sports 105.1 FM, and chose to defend Prince Fielder from criticism that his play this season has been sub par.

“Prince is a strong guy, man. A lot of people don’t know what’s going on in his life,” Hunter told the hosts. “But this guy is a strong guy. He’s out there every day. He won’t come out of the lineup no matter what’s going on off the field or on the field. He’s a strong guy. Us as players, we know what’s really going on. And we appreciate him going out there every day, despite …”

Hunter chose not to delve any further into the story, and the radio host agreed as well.   We now have some idea of the off the field turmoil Fielder might be going through.

Larry Brown Sports is confirming that Fielder, and his wife Chanel, are getting a divorce.

Chanel and Prince Fielder married during the 2005 season, while Prince was still in the minor leagues.  Fielder filed for divorce on May 28 in Orange County, Fla.

The couple make their off-season home their.   They have two sons together.

Prince Fielder is batting .262 with 17 home runs and 81 RBIs on the year. His .785 OPS is the lowest of his career since his rookie season.

Numbers like that would be decent for most, but of course, Prince Fielder is not most ball players.

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