Tom Brady: I would Love to Play Past 50 years old

Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been the mark of consistency for almost all of his career. The Patriots are a perennial Super Bowl contender, Brady is almost always in the ‘best quarterback’ discussion, and he has one of the best head coaches in NFL history with Bill Belichick.

At 35, Brady still has some years left to still be able to play the quarterback position at an extremely high level. Tallying 34 touchdowns to just 8 interceptions in 2012, the golden boy has yet to show any substantial signs of decline in his game. Which makes one wonder. How long could Brady keep this up?

He was on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine this month and when asked about the prospect of playing football past the age of 50, the Patriots signal caller gave a very honest answer via The Awesome Boston.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the Q&A is when Brady talks about the longevity of his career:  When asked about playing past the age of 50, Brady says, “I would love it. If I think if I can do it, then I probably will.”

Extremely unrealistic, but let’s at least consider it.

Would Brady be a starter in the league or a franchise quarterback still at that advanced age? No.

But could I imagine some team signing the great Tom Brady as a tutor for their young quarterback and to take the backup role if anything goes wrong? Possibly. Health will play a big key in any scenario that has Brady playing that long.