Tony Gonzalez Would Rather be Hit in Head Than Knees

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons

We knew this w as coming. Future Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzales tells USA Today that he would rather but hit in the head than knees:

“It should be a fineable offense. That’s just not part of football — hitting a defenseless player in his knee, that’s something we all dread as players. That’s my nightmare,” Gonzalez said, via Jim Corbett of the USA Today. “Hit me in my head (instead).”

“I’d rather have a guy hit me head than knife at my knee,” Gonzalez said. “You’re talking about a career-ending injury. It’s going to be so hard for Dustin to come back off of that. It should be a fineable offense, just like going for the head is.”

This is all in response to the play where D.J. Swearinger took out Dustin Keller’s knee that resulted in a torn ACL, MCL, PCL, and dislocated knee cap. I understand that injury was horrible but a career-ending injury is not as bad as a life threatening injury. Concussions are brain injuries that will take years off your life. I wish more NFL players took this seriously other than when they are trying to sue.