Torii Hunter Almost Beat Up Albert Pujols Last Season


torii hunter almost beats up pujls


The sky has been falling for the Angels since last season.

There’s now a report that Angels outfielder Torii Hunter almost came to blows with Albert Pujols last August, via CBS Sports:

Pujols called out [Jered] Weaver for showing up a teammate the night before. Then he turned his attention on Hunter, blaming him for the dugout altercation with [C. J.] Wilson.

What Pujols did not know at the time was that Wilson and Hunter already had made amends, with the pitcher apologizing to the outfielder for overstepping his bounds in the dugout immediately following the game.

“Albert, you’d better get your facts straight,” a seething Hunter told Pujols.

Pujols said something back, and Hunter jumped him for being a bad teammate and pouting all season whenever he failed to get hits in a game, even in games the Angels won … and now he was going to call others out?

“Shut up, Torii,” Pujols snapped.

It was then that Hunter, from across the clubhouse, lost it and charged Pujols. [LaTroy] Hawkins and outfielder Vernon Wells had to restrain him.

The meeting proceeded from there, and when it was over, tempers still heated, Hunter had to be physically held back a second time from going after Pujols, who is described as wanting no part of the fight.

There’s also speculation that Torii Hunter, while on the Twins got into a fight with Justin Morneau and punched him in the jaw. The two did eventually make up.

Pujols has another 8-years on that contract, so for his own well-being it’s best he try to just get along with everyone. The Angels seem to be a mess from top to bottom.