Tracy McGrady Announces His Retirement From NBA

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This morning Tracy McGrady appeared on ESPN’s First Take and announced his retirement from the NBA.


Tracy McGrady will always be underrated to me because he was overshadowed by how great Kobe was. His 2005 season in Orlando was a monster with 32.1 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 5.5 apg.  In my mind, T-Mac is a Hall of Famer with no doubt. I will always remember this monster dunk:

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One thought on “Tracy McGrady Announces His Retirement From NBA

  • HELL NO , please dont ever get it twisted like that again. he was never “overshadowed by how great Kobe was” he was BETTER than kobe, he was overshadowed by the fact that kobe had shaq to hand him some rings. because people always place way too much importance on rings when comparing INDIVIDUALS.
    kobe always had all-star caliber teammates.

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