Trent Richardson Says He First Met Ex NFL RB Jamal Lewis In Prison


When you get out into the world and start meeting people. you quickly find out that it’s a really small world we live in sometimes.

Browns running back Trent Richardson was 13 years old when he reportedly met former Ravens stud running back Jamal Lewis.

In 2005, Lewis was sentenced to four months in prison for brokering a drug deal for a friends, years prior.  Lewis just so happened to serve that time in a Pensacola, Florida prison, which just so happened to be Trent Richardson’s hometown.

Richardson was traveling with his mother, but had a chance meeting with Lewis according to Peter King and TheMMQB.

“I went up there to visit her friend with her in this big room,” Richardson, now 22, recalls. “I noticed this man in the room, and I was like, That’s Jamal Lewis! I went up to him and introduced myself and that’s how it started. I used to go down there and see him when I saw her friend.”

Lewis for his part has no direct memory of Richardson specifically, but Richardson seems to remember a ton of their conversations.


“I’d vent to him, and he would tell me what I needed to work on to stay in shape,” Richardson says. “He told me stuff like, ‘Take care of your body and be smart.’ ”


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  • “former Ravens stud running back Jamal Lewis.” Just curious. Why refer to Jamal Lewis as a “stud?”

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