Ty Lawson’s Pregnant Reality Show GF Says He Pushed Her Down (Photos)


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More details of Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson’s arrest are now surfacing. TMZ reports that Lawson’s girlfriend, Ashley Pettiford claims that she was pushed by him during a heated argument. When police arrived to Lawson’s Denver home in the early morning hours, Pettiford said that she overheard him having a conversation with a woman on the phone the previous night. Pettiford, who is now 6 months pregnant, said that she was trying to pack her things to leave. However, Lawson pushed her unto the bed and refused to let her go. Her response was to destroy his phone, and he retaliated and did the same.

Both Lawson and Pettiford were arrested for criminal mischief for destroying each other’s phones. However, Lawson was also arrested for domestic violence and harassment. The couple was each released on $1,000 bond and Pettiford has confirmed that no harm was done to their unborn child.


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  • These GOOFY-AZZ Negroes will never EVER LEARN to stay away from THESE Trashy-Azz Females Though #SMDH

    • Well she’s gonna have his ass looked down for at least 18 years with child support. If the story is true about what and why it happened why the hell couldn’t he have just text the side chick.

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