University of Miami Selling Football Jerseys With No Numbers on Them (Photo)


Miami Numberless Football Jerseys

First they took away EA NCAA College Football and now this.

I am going to blame Johnny Manziel, but why even put this on a rack? I could just buy a white tee shirt and it would be the same thing and 90% less of the cost.

I know the NCAA is scared of the O’Bannon case, but they have went too far.

H/T The Nosebleeds & Darren Rovell


  1. They ask these men as young as 18 to go to school full time and play sports which makes millions of dollars for the university, the NCAA and the tv networks; but they don’t want to pay them. This is a scam that can be compared to how workers are treated at Wal-Mart. Oh I forgot, Las Vegas is making millions as well.

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