Urban Meyer Won’t Let NFL Scouts Wear Blue at OSU


I am usually a fan of petty rivalry stuff but this might be a step too far. Reportedly, Urban Meyer does not want NFL scouts wearing blue at Ohio State because you know, Michigan wears blue. From a Fox Sports report:

On the first day NFL scouts were allowed to observe Ohio State’s practice this month, at least two were wearing blue. And at some point during their time in Ohio State’s facility, Meyer’s message about what not to wear was passed along through Ohio State and staffers and even involved some players yelling to the scouts that blue was not welcome.
Eventually, those scouts in blue were given Ohio State shirts to wear for the duration of their visit.
One scout for an NFC team who was there but not directly involved acknowledged that the incident was “embarrassing,” but didn’t want to say anything further.
Said another longtime scout who’s been to Ohio State this month but not the day of the incident: “It’s just not something that needed to happen. It could have been handled much better, and if that (blue-shirt) rule is going to be enforced, they could let us know.”

Considering Ohio State is the Big Ten favorite and loaded up with talent, Urban might want to play nicer with the scouts that come watch his team. We already know Urban doesn’t like players saying “Michigan.” This comes off as some bully behavior instead of wanting to poke at their rival.

12 thoughts on “Urban Meyer Won’t Let NFL Scouts Wear Blue at OSU

  • Next time you hear Brady Hoke say Ohio State instead of THE Ohio State University let us know please. A bully can’t prove how bad they are, OSU can and will again against UM!

  • How unprofessional. Typical.

  • That is what makes a rivalry a great rivalry. The little things. Don’t say the name, no blue on our field. And ya know what there should be no scarlet & grey at that team up north practice. Geez. What whiners.

    Giving them a shirt was professional. If the scouts are that sensitive get in another line a work, where you can act like you don’t get it. I got it- how about becoming a sports blog writer.


    How unprofessional of Broncos fans for not wanting any other player from another team draped across their home park.

    Just another paid by the comment sports writer who just doesn’t get it.

  • If you’re not from Ohio/Michigan (and this is a writer from Chicago) you just don’t understand. You just don’t get it….too bad, because it is the greatest rivalry in sports.

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