USADA Suspends 80-year-old Weightlifter for Doping

Don Ramos


Can’t make this stuff up people.

According to a story on ESPN, 80-year-old weightlifter Don Ramos, has been suspended by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for doping.

The agency that brought down Lance Armstrong announced a two-year suspension for Don Ramos of Colorado Springs, Colo., who tested positive for steroids while attempting to set a world record in his age group at the Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships in June.

USADA was contracted to test at the event for athletes 35 and older. The suspension means Ramos can’t compete again until July 2015.

The USADA, doesn’t seem to believe in taking it easy on the elderly, as they have apparently suspended multiple athletes over 50, in recent years.

I would’ve been surprised if he wasn’t taking steroids and pumping weights at that age to be honest.