Vikings Cordarrelle Patterson Tells Story of How He Lived With 3 Women in College

Cordarrelle Patterson

The kid has a ton of talent, we will have to see if mentally he is up for the challenge. Talent is only half the battle in the NFL.

He’s an entertaining character. I spoke with him a little bit at the NFL Draft, always smiling, very comfortable around the media.

During training camp, he tells an interesting story about his living arrangements while he was at Tennessee.

Patterson told Tom Pelissero of USA Today that after he left his first place in Knoxville during his one year at Tennessee, that he ended up living with three women he barely knew from class. He was careful to point out he “didn’t know ‘em like that,” however.

“Man, I’m not a bad guy, but some things happened at Tennessee where I had to move out,” Patterson said. “I had to find somewhere to stay. I had them girls that was there for me.”

It was a great experience living with girls. They was kind of dirty, though. But I was the man of the house so I made sure everything was good and clean around there.”

He needed it clean, since he apparently didn’t have a specific piece of furniture to sleep on.

“I was everywhere, man,” Patterson said. “I was that guy. I was a rolling stone. Wherever I lay my hat was my home. I’d sleep there. I’d find somewhere to sleep. Sometimes, you get tired of your roommates. You need to get away so I had to find me somewhere else to sleep.”

Is the quoting the Temptations? Should be interesting.