Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Chael Sonnen Without PPV Points


UFC president Dana White had his sights set on having Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen co-main event UFC 167, scheduled for November 16 in Las Vegas, but Silva is presenting a major road block in the UFC’s plans.  According to MMA Mania, Dana White stated that Silva wants PPV points to go along with his base pay.  PPV points are basically a piece of the PPV buy gross.  In a text to MMA Fighting, White said “I guess he’s gonna retire,” also saying he would figure something out for Sonnen’s next opponent.

Silva definitely over stating his value.  Maybe he was hoping they would confuse him with Anderson Silva.


One thought on “Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Chael Sonnen Without PPV Points

  • Actually you are wrong this is not a abnormal request. By all reports this is gonna happen at UFC 167. The main event for that is GSP vs Johnny Hendricks. We all know that GSP is gonna lay on top of og Hendricks for 6 rounds. Would you rather see GSP “fight” or this grudge match between these two people. The UFC is gonna make millions off this card, throw a legend a bone and you wont regret it. Let Uncle Chael do all the promo work for you

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