West Virginia’s Coach Says He Didn’t Criticize Geno Smith’s Leadership


Sometimes when you make a statement, it’s better to be clear and precise, than to leave room for error, and interpretation from others.

West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen raised some eyebrows on Monday when he made reference to the Mountaineers lack of leadership in 2012.

“We have to develop leaders,” Holgorsen said.  ”It was a big issue on last year’s team — in a bad way.”

Of course most people assumed Holgorsen was referring to Geno Smith.  I mean your quarterback is the ultimate leader on your team.

Holgorsen back pedaled some on Tuesday, not wanting to look like the coach who turns on a player after his eligibility has expired.

Bruce Feldman of CBS quotes Holgorsen as saying Smith was one of true leaders he really had.

Holgorsen then did what was expected, he blamed it on us, the media.

“People in media are trying to read between the lines or add two plus two and they’re wrong,” Holgorsen said.