Women Protest New NFL Bag Policy With “My Purse My Choice” (Video)

NFL Purse Policy

Just in case you didn’t know the NFL implemented a new bag policy. Basically ladies, you’ll need to fit all of your personal items into a small clutch the size of your hand OR a gallon zip lock bag. No more oversized Celine, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton Bags…what will the football wives do?

Naturally this new policy hasn’t gone over well with most women football fans. And in some cases it has caused longer than normal lines at stadiums where those who did not adhere to the new rule were forced to check their bags a security before entering.

Two women have decided to start a new “My Purse My Choice” campaign protesting the new rules, and although the video was done as a comedic spoof, it does bring up a very important concern for us. In addition to what may be considered unnecessary junk, we women carry some very essential items in our bags. Just think about a time when you needed some gum, antibacterial, a pen, cell phone charger, band-aid, a snack, or anything else you can think of and you asked your girlfriend, sister, or mother for it and they somehow seemed to always have the needed item in their purse.

As a self-proclaimed girly tomboy this policy is definitely one that will take some getting used to. Those new clear bags the NFL will be selling, and hugely profiting from might I add, do nothing for cute outfit. And I’m sure most women dare not walk around with a zip lock bag. I don’t expect this new “My Purse, My Choice” campaign to spark any stadium protest, but it may bring attention to the fact that the new policy does tend to alienate NFL female fan base.