2 HS Football Players Charged With Sexual Assault Of 6 Underage Girls

Kishawn Holmes

17-year-old California football stars Kishawn Holmes and Brian Holt Jr. were charged with sexual related crimes Tuesday.

H/T: NY Daily News

Running back Kishawn Holmes was charged with raping two different girls through the use of force or fear and performing lewd acts on a third victim under the age of 14, prosecutors said.

Holmes also was charged with trying to dissuade one of his alleged rape victims from speaking to authorities and three counts of false imprisonment involving three other girls, prosecutors said.

Brian Holt Jr. was also charged with sex-related crimes, but the details have been sealed by the court. His mom told reporters that her son was charged with performing lewd acts on a minor under 14. Holt’s lawyer says that the sexual interaction was consensual.

Holmes, who was given the nickname “Sweet Feet” by rapper Snoop Dogg, will be held in a juvenile detention center¬†until his next court appearance October 30th. Holt was released to the custody of his parents until his next court hearing.

Holmes and Holt Jr. are both students at Vista Murrietta High school located 60 miles outside of LA.