49er’s RB Anthony Dixon Rejects Nnamdi Asomugha $24K Offer for #24

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We all know how athletes feel about their jersey number. It’s sacred and most players have had the same number for years. Apparently there seems to be a bit of contention about the number 24 in 49er’s camp. CBS Sports is reporting that Nnamdi Asomugha offered fourth year RB Anthony Dixon $24k for the rights to the number and Dixon has refused.

Dixon commented on the offer saying:

“When he first got here, he asked me what I thought of him wearing No. 24, and I said, ‘Well, you can wear it’. I wanted him to look good. He asked if he could wear it so he doesn’t look like a bum. Every other number was already taken.”

Since it was training camp, players are allowed to double up on numbers, but now that the 53-man roster is complete, this is no longer allowed. Dixon basically let it be known that he was not going to part with the number.

“I worked hard to get that number when I first got here. I worked hard to get it off somebody else. I’ve been No. 24 since high school and college. I’m not ready to sell it, yet.”

I’m sure Nnamdi thought he was being cute by offering $24K for the number 24, but it didn’t work. He may want to raise the buying price a smidgen.