76ers Head Coach Wants Evan Turner To Find His Game


Call me crazy but the minute the 76ers hired Brett Brown as their head coach, I somehow envision Evan Turner playing the Manu Ginobili role for Philly’s new regime.

Brown has a message for Turner according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, and it’s simply to “stop reading newspapers, and finding the passion in his game again.”

“And I hope he’s not caring about what goes on on Twitter,” the new 76ers coach said.

“Now that sounds a lot easier than it is to achieve,” Brown said. “But it starts with the knowledge that you are putting in the time. You get a new toy to play with. And you are being allowed with that in a new place in the house.

“You need to help him find ways to really find a way to love.”

Turner caught flak from fans and Philadelphia media who felt he look uninterested at times amid talks of him being a bust.