A Groupie Tale: Seahawks Jeron Johnson, an Upset Baby Mama & Furry Groupie (Photos)

As you know I try to use these stories as teaching tools for my brothers and sisters out there, so they don’t repeat the same mistakes that have fallen some many other athletes and baby mamas of the past.

I past no judgment, just want everyone to think before they go YOLO.

Let’s start with the good news, both Brittney and Jeron seem to love their little boy, their instagram pages are filled with photos of the little guy.  That is good, both parents being involved in a child’s life is always a positive thing.  Brittney is also a cutie, so Jeron seems to have some decent taste, even though looks aren’t the end all be all.

Brittany Macon Jeron Johnson 5

Unfortunately at some point Britney got upset with Jeron and instead of talking it out in private, she pulled up a probably long forgotten message from a groupie that Jeron allegedly slept with.  I am warning you in advance, it is pretty explicit.

Jeron johnson Groupie

Now, our guy Jeron Johnson was an undrafted free agent that work hard to make the Seahawks. He gets credit for that, a lot of undrafted free agents don’t make it into the league and while he isn’t a starter, at least he is on the roster.

With that being said, I think our groupie might not understand there are levels to the NFL ASS LOTTO as she puts it, but then again she admitted she stank, so her options were probably limited to the bottom of the roster.

As far as Brittney who did the right thing and deleted the photo, you have to be better than this. From her Instagram page it looks like she lives a pretty nice Twodel life, no need to be that next contestant on the MTO screen, that isn’t good for your kid in the long term.

As far as Johnson, my suggestion would be not to sleep with spray tan, fake eye lashes, furry, stinking women. But, that is just a suggestion, hope it all works out for them.

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  • Brittany is a groupie herself she was fucking other guys while she was pregnant with their son and she only had her son as she say “to take care of herself”

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