A-Rod Has An Awkward Encounter With Hank Aaron At Restaurant

arod hank aaron



This seems almost too good to be true.

Reported by the NY Post  A-Rod and Hank Aaron had an awkward encounter at Nobu.

A-rod currently stands just 101 home runs behind Aaron on the all time list, a fact which angers many. According to the report the encounter went down like this:

 A-Rod approached and said to true hero Hammerin’ Hank, “Mr. Aaron, I just wanted to introduce myself. I think about you every day when I play. You’re an inspiration to me.”

(In case Aaron didn’t know who he was, he added, “My name is Alex Rodriguez.”)

Surely A-Rod had to be a little hurt that he wasn’t easily recognizable to the legend. Let’s just add this to the growing list of awkward A-Rod moments.